• Are you wondering what’s going to happen next?
  • Are you feeling more like the bug or the windshield?
  • Are you looking for clarity in your life?
  • Then you should book a session with Psychic and Life Coach, David Tillman.
How does he do it?
David uses his more than 25 years of clairvoyant, psychic, and Life Coaching experience to give you metaphysical guidance in the areas of career, love, business and personal relationships, and of course, financial matters. David is also adept at being a Medium, communicating with your friends and family members on The Other Side. You may notice in the Video clip from Beyond with James Van Praagh, David is holding an object from the people for whom he is reading. This was done specifically for the show because television is a visual medium. David does not actually need an object or a photograph to read for you. All he needs is your name and birth date.
Where is David located?
While living in Los Angeles has given David the opportunity to appear on various TV shows, Dave now resides in Dallas Texas. One of his favorite experiences was working with Medium James Van Praagh on his TV show Beyond with James Van Praagh. He has also had the pleasure of working with Psychic, Medium, and Life Coach, Eddie Conner on Perspectives, and Living the High-Frequency Life.  But through the magic of technology, David is only a phone call away from anyone in the world – literally. His clients range from the US and Canada to Singapore and Australia to the member countries of the EU.
When can I get a reading

David understands when a person is ready for a reading, they want to now. Since he prides himself on his personal client care and competitive pricing, David will do your psychic reading within 24 hours of your call — often times the same day.   Call (323) 610-0161 or email for an appointment.

Who should come to see David
Anyone who is wondering about his or her future. Current clients range from Hollywood Stars to Wall Street Investors to College Students and Homemakers. But everyone wants to know the same thing: How can I get to where I want to be? Since this is so crucial, David has put together a series of free podcasts that give you tips and exercises on how you can reach your highest potential.
David knows he can sometimes overwhelm a client with the amount of information that is coming through him so he digitally records the reading and emails it to you afterwards — FREE of charge.  If you’re anywhere in the continental United States and Canada, David will call you for the session thus saving you any long-distance phone charges.
Psychic David Tillman
Dallas, TX
Phone: (323)610-0161